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Welcome to the Kennedy Heights Church of Christ

We enthusiastically welcome you to a growing, Bible believing, and Bible teaching congregation.  May God Bless you with understanding, wisdom, & spiritual blessings (James 1:5, Eph.1:18). If you have questions, feel free to ask & we will give you a Bible answer. We cordially invite you to visit again and look forward to serving you! graphic of the cross


2014-2015 Congregational Theme

Our focus is to facilitate improvement of our discipleship in the areas of Study, Treasure, Attendance, Relationships and Service. We believe that discipline, evangelism and stewardship are foundational areas that children of God should build on to become life long disciples of the King.




The Kennedy Heights family gives praises and glory to Jehovah Jireh for providing a new minister for our local vineyard in the persons of Michael & Angel Moore. We welcome you to Cincinnati and the Kennedy Heights Church. We look forward to receiving God's Word through you, ministering to the community with you and nurturing your ministry for you.



Sermon for May 17, 2015


 Forget About A Mistake, Because This Thing Is About A Mission

 Matthew 9:18-22


Michael E. Moore
 Sr. Evangelist, Kennedy Heights Church of Christ




Guiding Principle

CD's & DVD's are available.
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Order of Services

Morning Worship
Bible School 12:15pm
 Current Study
Becoming a Contagious



Men's Study 7:00pm
Prayer 6:20pm
Men & Women 7:00pm
Current Study
The Gospel of Mark

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